Aluminium die casting trim can be with different colors of coating. The reflector is made of high quality 99.98% pure Aluminium. And metalized,anodized or sandy blasted finish are available. Different reflectors with different beam angles are available. The oxidazied black finished heat sink strengthens the cooling of the fixture. Long lifetime of 50,000 hours. Color temperature available in 3000K , 4000K and 5000K.


The economical Luxtron Designer Series LED downlighting are an attractive energy-efficient solid state lighting solution over 100 lm/watt with near zero maintenance for homes and light commercial applications. With its 50,000 hours lifespan, you would not want to go back to the hassle ways of replacing lamp or gears. Available with choice of system dimming from Trailing Edge to DALI for your scene setting and further energy savings. It is an alternative to halogen and metal halide downlights respectively offering up to 60% more energy efficiency. Best used to light merchandise of all kinds to look more attractive where it always will look bright and vivid due to the high color rendering. task areas where high color rendering is required or intended in high height ceilings like living halls, corridors, kitchen, work areas.


LUX QS01A 8"

Model Wattage Lumens Color Tempersture
LUXQS01A3N12W3 12W 1100lm 3000K
LUXQS01A3N12W4 12W 1100lm 4000K
LUXQS01A3N12W5 12W 1100lm 5000K
LUXQS01A3N20W3 20W 2000lm 3000K
LUXQS01A3N20W4 20W 2000lm 4000K
LUXQS01A3N20W5 20W 2000lm 5000K
LUXQS01A3N30W3 30W 3000lm 3000K
LUXQS01A3N30W4 30W 3000lm 4000K
LUXQS01A3N30W5 30W 3000lm 5000K
LUXQS01A3O50W3 50W 5000lm 3000K
LUXQS01A3O50W4 50W 5000lm 4000K
LUXQS01A3O50W5 50W 5000lm 5000K
LUXQS01A5N50W3 50W 5000lm 3000K
LUXQS01A5N50W4 50W 5000lm 4000K
LUXQS01A5N50W5 50W 5000lm 5000K
LUXQS01A5N62W4 62W 6039lm 4000K
LUXQS01A5N62W5 62W 6039lm 5000K

LUX QS01B 10"

Model Wattage Lumens Color Tempersture
LUXQS01B3N12W3 12W 1100lm 3000K
LUXQS01B3N12W4 12W 1100lm 4000K
LUXQS01B3N12W5 12W 1100lm 5000K
LUXQS01B3N20W3 20W 2000lm 3000K
LUXQS01B3N20W4 20W 2000lm 4000K
LUXQS01B3N20W5 20W 2000lm 5000K
LUXQS01B3N30W3 30W 3000lm 3000K
LUXQS01B3N30W4 30W 3000lm 4000K
LUXQS01B3N30W5 30W 3000lm 5000K
LUXQS01B3O50W3 50W 5000lm 3000K
LUXQS01B3O50W4 50W 5000lm 4000K
LUXQS01B3O50W5 50W 5000lm 5000K
LUXQS01B5N50W3 50W 5000lm 3000K
LUXQS01B5N50W4 50W 5000lm 4000K
LUXQS01B5N50W5 50W 5000lm 5000K
LUXQS01B5N62W4 62W 6039lm 4000K
LUXQS01B5N62W5 62W 6039lm 5000K
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