High efficacy of 115LM/W on luminaire level. Ideal for compound, parking areas, street lighting, walkways and car lots. To meet up to the standard of ME1.


Ideally weight single-piece aluminum housing. LED module and driver are IP66 rated. Exterior parts are protected by a super durable powder coat finish that provides superior resistance to corrosion and weathering. High efficiency LED SMT circuit board and heat sink ensuring optimal thermal management and long life. Designed to provide 50,000 hours of performance. LED fixed with glass optics which are precisely designed to shape the distribution the distribution maximizing efficiency and spacing to meet the required road lighting standards in meeting the required values of Lm, Uo, UI, TI, SR while maintaining its durability and performance. Offered standard in color temperature of 3000K, 4000K, 5700K and 70 and 80 CRI. IP66 LED driver is installed inside the housing. Designed to protect up to 10kV of surge such as lightning strike.


Model Wattage Lumens Color
STLA008090-30 72W 8300lm 3000K 150W HPSV
STLA008090-40 72W 9000lm 4000K 150W HPSV
STLA008120-30 110W 12450lm 3000K 150W HPSV
STLA008120-40 110W 13500lm 4000K 150W HPSV
STLA008150-30 144W 16600lm 3000K 250W HPSV
STLA008150-40 144W 18000lm 4000K 250W HPSV
STLA008180-30 180W 20750lm 3000K 250W HPSV
STLA008180-40 180W 22500lm 4000K 250W HPSV
STLA008210-30 216W 24900lm 3000K 250W HPSV
STLA008210-40 216W 27000lm 4000K 250W HPSV
STLA008240-30 252W 29050lm 3000K 400W HPSV
STLA008240-40 252W 31500lm 4000K 400W HPSV
STLA008290-30 288W 33200lm 3000K 400W HPSV
STLA008290-40 288W 36000lm 4000K 400W HPSV
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